Upcoming Events:

  • 9.10.15 Mosses @ Carabar, Columbus, OH w/ Circuit Des Yeux, SW Hedrick, dioses serpientes enroscados
  • 9.11.15 Psychedelic Horseshit @ Ladyfest Benefit @ The Ice Cream Factory, Cincinnati, OH w/ Vacation (record release), Babe Rage, “Decaying” art show by Evan Wolff

Past Events:

  • 3.1.13 Ryan Jewell @ Fuse Factory Frequency Fridays Series, Columbus, OH w/ Roth Mobot, Michael Wall, Ches Smith
  • 1.7.13 Psychedelic Horseshit @ Summit, Columbus, OH w/ Parquet Courts, Connections
  • 12.21.12 Sean Ali, Mike Brown, Ryan Jewell trio @ It Looks Like It’s Open, Columbus, OH w/ Larry Marotta, Scenic Railroads
  • 12.18.12 Mosses @ Skylab, Columbus, OH w/ Prince Rama, Mark Van Fleet
  • 12.7.12 Terribly Empty Pockets @ Skully’s, Columbus, OH
  • 12.1.12 Joe Panzner, Mike Shiflet, Ryan Jewell @ Museum of Contemporary Art, Cleveland, OH John Cage Musicircus event
  • 11.18.12 Mosses, Psychedelic Horseshit @ Summit, Columbus, OH w/ G. Green, Nervosas
  • 11.17.12  Billy Wolfe Tetradectet @ Brothers Drake, Columbus, OH
  • 11.15.12 Mosses, Psychedelic Horseshit @ The Union, Athens, OH w/ G. Green
  • 11.14.12 Mosses, Psychedelic Horseshit @ Happy Dog, Cleveland, OH w/ G. Green, Obnox
  • 11.13.12 Mosses, Psychedelic Horseshit @ Lager House, Detroit, MI w/ G. Green
  • 11.12.12 Mosses w/ guest Ryley Walker, Psychedelic Horseshit @ The Owl, Chicago, IL w/ G. Green
  • 10.27.12 Terribly Empty Pockets @ Cafe Bourbon St., Columbus, OH    Halloween show
  • 10.24.12 Rocco DiPietro, David Tomasacci, Ryan Jewell @ Weigel Hall, Columbus, OH
  • 10.21.12 Jeff Kimmel, Chris Riggs, Ryan Jewell trio @ Center for Advanced Output Chicago, IL
  • 10.13.12 Ishmael Ali Septet @ Grandview Theater, Grandview, OH live soundtrack to Nosferatu
  • 10.12.12 Temple of Ur @ Summit, Columbus, OH w/ Murderedman, David Reed, Drose
  • 10.12.12 John M. Bennett & Ryan Jewell duo @ It Look’s Like It’s Open, Columbus, OH John’s 70th Birthday event
  • 10.6.12 Wolfe, Flugge, Quinn, DeAscentis, Jewell @ Dick’s Den, Columbus, OH
  • 9.24.12 Mosses @ Used Kids, Columbus, OH w/ Magik Markers, Psychedelic Horseshit
  • 9.19.12 Luis Bravo, John M. Bennett, Ryan Jewell & Byron Smith @ Skylab, Columbus, OH                  ONWORDSOUND/PALABRADELANTESONORA Sound poetry, sound art, poetry, experimental improvised music.In Spanish & English.
  • 9.13.12 Mosses @ It Looks Like It’s Open, Columbus, OH w/ Dead Turquoise, Puppeteria, Mike Shiflet, Joey Molinero
  • 9.6.12 Ben Bennett & Ryan Jewell duo @ It Looks Like It’s Open, Columbus, OH w/ Dan Focht/ Anthony Jacobs/ Brooke Smith, Pascali
  • 9.4.12 Ryan Jewell @ Skylab, Columbus, OH w/ Blessure Grave, Jocelyn Hach, DJ Gay Rax
  • 8.28.12 Ryan Jewell @ 400 w. Rich, Columbus, OH w/ Jason Lescalleet, Sun Thief, Samuel Hoar
  • 8.19.12 Ryan Jewell @ Voice of the Valley Fest, Pentress, WV
  • 8.14.12 Joe Panzner/ Mike Shiflet/ Ryan Jewell/ Ben Bennett @ Skylab, Columbus, OH w/  Jocelyn Hach, Ypsmael, TJ Borden, Jack Callahan
  • 8.9.12 Quiet Pepsi @ Bernie’s, Columbus, OH w/ Slave Labia, Shaver, Popular Myst, Walleye
  • 8.6.12 Aaron Quinn Nonet @ Dick’s Den, Columbus, OH
  • 8.4.12 Aaron Quinn Quintet @ 93 w. Pacemont, Columbus, OH
  • 8.2.12 Temple of Ur @ Ace of Cups, Columbus, OH w/ Drekka, Jessica 93, Besoin Dead
  • 7.30.12 Psychedelic Horseshit @ Double Happiness, Columbus, OH w/ Wet Hair
  • 7.29.12 Ryan Jewell @ Max Swell House, Bloomington, IN w/ Darin Gray + Bill Horist Duo
  • 7.27.12 Ryan Jewell @ MOMO, St. Louis, MO w/ Dave Stone & Taka O’Lueken, Kevin Harris, Matt Erickson & Rick Weaver
  • 7.24.12 Ryan Jewell @ Rhinoceropolis, Denver, CO Milton Melvin Croissant III, Alphabets, Designer Air
  • 7.26.12 Jason Zeh & Ryan Jewell duo recording in Kansas City, KS
  • 7.20.12 Mosses recording at Mono Lake, CA
  • 7.19.12 Ryan Jewell @ Lewcid Joosebox, Oakland, CA w/ Sexorcyst, Fslux, Waxy Tombs, dj junkdrawer
  • 7.17.12 Ryan Jewell @ Artists’ Television Access, San Francisco,CA “Collaborations: Sound & Image” w/ Lea Bertucci, Bran Pos, Group Rhoda, Suzy Poling (Pod Blotz), Black Hole Cinema, Andrew Benson
  • 7.15.12 – 7.16.12 Field recording on Pacific coast.
  • 7.13.12 Ryan Jewell @ Betalevel, Los Angeles, CA w/ Dream Team Ensemble, Casey Anderson
  • 7.12.12 John Wiese & Ryan Jewell duo @ Take Off!, Van Nuys, CA w/ Strange Brew, Damion Romero
  • 7.9.12 Ryan Jewell @ Chocolatree, Sedona, AZ w/ Peace Beach (Aaron Hibbs)
  • 7.8.12 Ryan Jewell @ Small Engine Gallery, Albequerque, NM w/ The Brutalistics, TAHNnzzz+Lab Rat
  • 7.3.12 Ryan Jewell @ LaLaLand, Fayetteville, AK
  • 7.2.12 Ryan Jewell @ Lamplighter Lounge, Memphis, TN w/ Allen, Final Seed, Naan Violence
  • 7.1.12 Ryan Jewell@ Louisville Experimental Fest, Uncle Slayton’s, Louisville, KY w/ Ut Gret, Lucio Menegon, Black Kaspar, Kark, R Keenan Lawler and Tim Barnes
  • 7.30.12 Ryan Jewell @ Ron’s Garden, Cincinnati, OH w/ Iovae
  • 6.21.12 The Legendary Doors @ Cafe Bourbon St., Columbus, OH
  • 6.16.12 Bob Drake, Mike Brown, Tony Zinincik, Ryan Jewell @ What You Will Improvised Music Festival, Sunbury, OH
  • 6.16.12 Hasan Abdur-Razzaq, Mike Brown, Aaron Quinn, Ryan Jewell @ What You Will Improvised Music Festival, Sunbury, OH
  • 6.9.12 Terribly Empty Pockets @ Megacity Music Marathon, Woodland’s Tavern, Columbus, OH
  • 6.5.12 Ohio Unsemble (Matthew Reis, Jon Lorenz, Ryan Jewell) @ Battery Cage, Dayton, OH w/ Brad Griggs, Being, Pedestrian Deposit

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